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		Steinberg Cubase VST 5 Specials:
		Cubase VST 32 5 Producer Pac w/Spark for Mac...  $329 (list $999)
		Cubase VST 32 5 Producer Pac w/Wavelab EDU for PC... $279 (list $699)
		Cubase VST 5 for Mac... $149 (list $499)
		Cubase VST 5 EDU for Mac... $99 (list $249)
		Cubase VST 5 EDU for PC... $99 (list $249)
		Cubase VST 32 5.1 for PC ... $279 (list $799)
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		Steinberg Cubase VST 5.0 (and 5.1) For Macintosh - 32 Bit Sound
		(available for PC also)
		The Cubase VST 5.0 Series boasts a complete graphic makeover with many
		new features that enhance Cubase's usability and sound quality,
		including analog warmth with Magneto* technology and 32-bit recording,
		output and mixdown in the top of line, Cubase VST/32. Furthermore the
		Cubase 5.0 series is optimized for Power Mac G4 with Velocity Engine for
		speedy audio processing.
		"The Mac's ease-of-use and advanced media capabilities have always made
		it the computer of choice for musicians," comments Steve Garth, CEO of
		Steinberg North America. "Today the Power Mac G4 provides the raw power
		that Virtual Studio Technology needs, while Apple's PowerBook is the
		ideal all-in-one mobile solution for the professional touring musician.
		It all adds up to make Macintosh the perfect platform for the Velocity
		Engine enhanced native audio processing and virtual instruments in the
		new Cubase VST 5.0."
		"The Power Mac G4 with its revolutionary PowerPC G4 with Velocity Engine
		delivers superior performance," said Clent Richardson, Apple's vice
		president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "Steinberg's Cubase VST 5.0
		world-class audio software exploits the power of Velocity Engine to
		provide a solution which will be appreciated by every audio professional
		around the world."
		Scalable Recording and Mastering Modes: All three products in the
		series, Cubase VST, Cubase VST Score or Cubase VST/32,share Cubase's
		solid digital recording engine and have scalable recording modes - up to
		32-bit floating point resolution in the top-of-the-range Cubase VST/32.
		This level of quality delivers unbelievable headroom allowing for
		dynamic performances to be captured without having to resort to
		compression. Recording in 96 kHz and equipped with Apogee's UV 22*, the
		world's best dithering technology, the VST/32 offers extreme dynamic
		response and transparent sounds all the way down to mastering. Cubase
		VST/32 has 128 channels of digital audio, 8 FX sends, 4 Channel inserts
		each and 4 Master inserts.
		Cubase VST/32 5.0 features several new technologies, including TrueTape*
		Mode. Now recordings can add that ineffable analog quality with
		Steinberg's Magneto Tape Saturation technology. Another sound color to
		experiment with, TrueTape can pump tape-compression-like characteristics
		into any audio track, lending heavy analog power to "fat" guitars or
		pumping drums.
		Among the most significant new features in the Cubase VST 5.0 line are:
		LTB * -(Linear Time Base) technology from Steinberg provides precision
		MIDI timing. Used in conjunction with the new Midex8 USB MIDI Interface,
		Cubase VST 5.0 offers accuracy, down to 300 microseconds, and guarantees
		the steadiest MIDI groove in town.
		Cubase VST 5.0 is loaded with a wide range of FX-processors for every
		type of music production including CubaseVerb*. Handling of FX and
		PlugIns within the program has been completely redesigned, emphasizing
		ease of use. The new FX-rack hosts new control elements and the new
		channel EQs can now either be edited graphically or with the familiar
		virtual pots.
		InWire* Studio -The protocol for the realtime Internet studio network.
		When users launch Cubase VST 5.0 they have entered a worldwide recording
		studio headquartered at With the help of Rocket
		Network's Internet technology, CubaseVST 5.0 users can meet in private
		or public studios for online collaboration.
		Universal Sound Module* - A great instrument for writing and jamming
		with others: USM is the new virtual sound module with over 70 MB of
		state-of-the-art sounds with general MIDI compatibility.
		The new MIDI Track Mixer offers VST-style control over any connected
		MIDI gear. Cubase VST 5.0's editing resolution of up to 15380 ppq
		coupled with the new Groove Control browser allows for realtime, precise
		positioning of audio events and makes for ultra-fine MIDI groove
		Custom Window Sets - With this new feature, users can save their
		favorite work mode including the position of their windows and settings.
		Users can then recall a saved Window Set either through menu or key
		Track Folders - Managing windows has never been easier. Cubase VST 5.0's
		Arrange Window now features Track Folders where users can put an
		infinite number of MIDI or audio tracks. The folder can be flipped shut,
		showing just the overview of its contents, and stashed out of the way.
		Track Folders can also be nested.
		Drag and Drop Capability -New drag-and-drop features enhance the
		handling of musical elements. Single notes, phrases, parts,groups of
		parts or even entire ranges can be selected, moved or copied from window
		to window within the program or even to the desktop.

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