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The Doctor Audio Cyberstore specializes in Midi & Digital Audio hardware and software products for Mac and PC. We carry most major brands and we will ship anywhere in the world.

The Doctor Audio Catalog contains five categories.

PC Software

PC Audio Cards

Mac Cards and Software

Interfaces and Hardware

Audio CDs and Sample CD Roms

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Doctor Audio is located in Los Angeles, California USA (818) 996-3032

For sales info please email sales@doctoraudio.com

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Doctor Audio has -- Midi & Digital Audio for Mac and PC Computers -- Music Sequencing, Audio and Notation Software & Soundcards, Midi Boxes and Pro Audio equipment, computer based and digital audio signal processors and recorders, multimedia products -- audio and samplings CDs and Roms, Midi software, Midi hardware, Midi peripherals and a wealth of Midi and audio resources including a monthly Midi and Digital Audio newletter. Plus, Doctor Audio has an online catalog and order form. We are also expanding into MP3 software amd MP3 players.

This Web Site also carries products (in part) by the following manufacturers: Aardvark, Adaptec, Antares, Arboretum (MP3 Plug-ins), Ars Nova, AVM Technology, Bias, BitHeadz, Cakewalk, Coda, DAL, Digideaign, Drumtrax, Ego Systems, Emagic, Evolution, Fatar, Korg, LynxOne, Marcomedia, Metalithic, Midiman, Music Quest, Musitek, Opcode, Passport, PG Music, Prosoniq, QSound, Roland, Seer Systems, Sibelius, Sonorus, Sion Software, Sonic Timeworks, Sonic Foundry, Soundtrek, Steinberg, SEKD, Synoptic, Syntrillium, TC Electronics, Terratec, Turtle Beach, Voyetra, Wave Mechanics, Waves, Wildcat Canyon, Yamaha, Zefiro Acoustics.

You may contact Doctor Audio at the following email addresses:

Or you can phone (818) 996-3032 in Los Angles California, USA

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